"English for poetry....."

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"English for poetry....."

Following up on my previous article, where I mentioned the "Académie Française", I just want to mention Maurice Druon (who died in 2009). Mr Druon was the secretary of the Académie Française and he had (in my opinion) very bizarre ideas about languages.


He said for instance that:


“The Italian language is the language of song, German is good for philosophy and English for poetry, and French is best at precision, it has a rigour to it. It is the safest language for legal purposes.” 


And apparently French is "the most precise, authoritative and rigorous of European languages."


He tried to impose French as the official language for legal documents in the European Union, as you can read in the article below "Francophiles seek primacy for language of Montesquieu" :





I find it completely ridiculous to say the one language is better suited to something than another. Surely English is as precise as French; and it is perfectly OK to write poetry in French. ;)

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