French words in the English language

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There are a lot of French words in the English language. Some of them have been imported a long time ago, some more recently. Most of them have kept their meaning, at least partly...


beret         (round flat cap)


boutique (small shop that sells fashionable clothes or expensive gifts)


brochure ( small magazine containing information about something)


cafetière  (a special glass container for making coffee, with a metal

                  filter that you push down)


chauffeur (a person whose job it is to drive a car)


chef (a professional cook)


chignon (hair twisted in a knot at the back)


crèche (place where babies are taken care of)


entrée ( dish served before the main course)


entrepreneur (a person who makes money by running businesses)


etiquette (rules of correct and polite behaviour)


faux pas (action or remark that causes embarrassment)


fête (outdoor entertainment at which people can play games)


fiancée (woman that a man is engaged to)


moustache (hair that a man allows to grow on his upper lip)


rendezvous  (an arrangement to meet somebody at a particular time and place)


souvenir (something that you buy to remind yourself of a holiday)







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