Pronunciation of "gh"

Pronunciation of "gh"

The "gh" at the end of a word is rarely pronounced, in fact they are silent letters.

Some examples of words where you don't pronounce them:

high           (Fr: haut)

to weigh     (Fr: peser)

although      (Fr: bien que)

though         (Fr: bien que)

through        (Fr: à travers)

In these words you pronounce the "gh" as /f/

tough  /tof/         (Fr: dur)

to laugh /laf/       (Fr: rire)

to cough  /cof/    (Fr: tousser)

enough  /inof/     (Fr: assez)

If the "gh" is followed by a final "t", you never pronounce the "gh"

right                  (Fr: droit)

night                  (Fr: nuit)

might                 (Fr: peux/peuvent)

sight                  (Fr: vue)

brought              (to bring = apporter/amener)
caught               (to catch = attraper)

straight              (Fr: droit)

eight                  (Fr: huit)

weight                (Fr: poids)

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