right / wrong

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right / wrong

A question today about the difference between true/false and right/wrong.....

1)You say of a statement that is "true" or "false".

  "The sun is bigger than the Earth."     = True (Fr: vrai)
  "The moon is bigger than the Earth."  = False  (Fr: faux)

2) "You are right".    = (Fr) Tu as raison.
     "You are wrong" = (Fr) Tu as tort.

3)  The answer is right.  =  (Fr) La réponse est bonne/ correcte.
      The answer is wrong = (Fr) La réponse est fausse / incorrecte.

     So be careful:

     You say: This is the right answer  =  Celle-ci est la bonne réponse.
     (and not: the "good" answer!)

Of course another meaning of "right" = "droit" or "à droite"

  You have to turn right at the traffic lights. =
  Tu dois tourner à droite aux feux.

  You have to hold it in your right hand.      =
  Tu dois le tenir dans ta main droite.

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