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Now it would have been easy if in English you could just translate it by zero. Well, you can, but not always.

1) You say "zero":
    for the number:         0     "the number zero"  
    for temperature:       -5°C  "Five degrees below zero"

2) you say "nought"
    before the decimal point:  0.4  "nought point four"

3) you say "nil"
    in football scores:     2-0  "England won two nil"

4) you say "love"
    in tennis                    15-0  "The score is fifteen love."

5) you say "oh"
    after a decimal point  4.02 "four point oh two"
    in phone numbers      01 30 48...  "oh one three oh four eight"
    in bus/room numbers  505  (room five oh five)
    in years                     1905  (nineteen oh five)



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