verbs followed by "ing" or "to + infinitive".

Verbs followed by "ing":
 (example: I suggest going to the cinema tonight.)

to finish
to delay
to give up
to postpone
to fancy
to imagine
to carry on
to dislike
to consider
to avoid
to admit
to deny
to miss
to risk
to keep
to keep on
to involve
to practise
to enjoy
to allow
to suggest
to put off
to forbid

to recommend
to feel like
don't mind
can't stand
can't help

Verbs followed by "to + infinitive"
(Example: I refuse to go home.)

to offer
to agree
to refuse
to seem
to decide
to plan
to arrange
to appear
to hope
to aim
to learn
to tend
to deserve
to forget
to pretend
to want
to attempt
to manage
to fail
to claim
to ask
to promise
to threaten
to expect
to dare
would like
would love
would hate
can't afford

Verbs + ing or to inf (little difference in meaning)

to start
to intend
to bother
to begin
to like
to love
to hate

Verbs + ing or to inf (different lmeaning)

to remember
to regret
to stop
to try
to go on
to prefer

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