Phrasal Verbs vs Formal Verbs

to ask for            = to request 


to carry on          = to continue (continuer)


to come across  = to discover  (découvrir)


to come in          = to enter (entrer)


to come up with  = to suggest (suggerer)


to cut back on    = to reduce  (reduire)


to do away with  = to abandon (abandonner)


to give up           = to abandon (abandonner)


to go down         = to descend (descendre)


to go in               = to enter  (entrer)


to go on              = to continue (continuer)


to go up             = to ascend


to fill in               = to complete (completer)


to find out          = to discover   (découvrir)


to leave out       = to omit  (omettre)  


to lock up          = to imprison (emprisionner)  


to look at           = to examine  (examiner)


to pin down      = to determine (déterminer)


to put up with    = to tolerate (tolérer)


to send back     = to return  (retourner)


to speed up       = to accelerate  (accèlerer)


to stand up for   = to defend  (défendre)


to take on          = to employ  (empoyer)


to talk about      = to mention  (mentionner)

                                           = to discuss    (discuter de)


to think about    = to consider  (considerer)


to turn down      = to reject  (rejeter)


to work out        = to calculate (calculer)





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